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Whether you long to be told the many fascinating stories of Europe's great landmarks, hear tales of the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, or learn the intriguing histories of other great countries, a Globus vacation will give you the in-depth insights that bring your destination's past to life. Our experienced, Tour Directors create a travel experience for you like no other so you'll walk away from your vacation having been a part of the stories that bring history to life.

And while you're immersing in the historical past, you'll also take pleasure in the present - staying in quality hotels, relishing the must-see attractions and enjoying free time to explore on your own. With over 80 years of experience, there's a reason why Globus is the world leader in escorted travel and also holds multiple "Best Tour Operator" awards from numerous prestigious travel entities. Come explore with us and you'll find out why.
GLOBUS 2025: A Taste of Croatia with Coastal Cruise (RUE) from $5,180.00 (USD)
What'll it be? Black risotto made with squid ink? Grilled sardines with garlic and lemon? Lamb and potatoes 'under the bell'?
GLOBUS 2025: Welsh Escape with London (KAWX) from $1,269.00 (USD)
Take a trip to Wales and escape to the beauty and history of 'The Land of Castles' on this guided vacation. Leave the bustle of London for the green landscapes of England's countryside, visiting Stonehenge and Bath en route to Wales.
GLOBUS 2024: Celtic Highlights (GD) from $3,769.00 (USD)
Knobby knees? Skinny calves? Thick ankles? No matter here.
GLOBUS 2025: Western Rails & Canyons with Rocky Mountaineer (AG) from $5,649.00 (USD)
All aboard for a spectacular 9-day adventure through the American Southwest! Your tour through Colorado and Utah begins with an overnight stay in the 'Mile High City' of Denver-5,280 feet above sea level.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Brazil & Argentina with Brazil's Amazon (ISI2) from $3,289.00 (USD)
When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio! You'll be smiling from ear to ear on this Independence by Globus vacation in Brazil and Argentina with plenty of much needed I-time in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and the Amazon Rainforest.
GLOBUS 2025: Italian Escape (KIAX) from $1,749.00 (USD)
Experience the passion of Italy with a Globus Escape?without the crowds or high-season prices.
GLOBUS 2025: Natural Wonders of Costa Rica (SR) from $2,649.00 (USD)
If you were the type of kid who always marched to your own drum, this bold tour of Costa Rica is just the escape for you. Wide-open spaces, multi-hued creatures, and bright, vivid scenery welcome you with open arms and a no-holds-barred spirit.
GLOBUS 2024: Tanzania Private Safari with Zanzibar (IQT2) from $7,679.00 (USD)
Our wildest dreams come true on this Independence by Globus African safari in Tanzania.
GLOBUS 2024: Spectacular Switzerland (ZH) from $3,699.00 (USD)
Chocolate and Cheese. Alps and Alp horns. Precision timepieces and timeless scenery. There is so much to yodel about in sweet and scenic Switzerland.
GLOBUS 2025: Glacier National Park & the Canadian Rockies with the Calgary Stampede (CSE) from $5,199.00 (USD)
What do you get when you combine ancient glaciers, a legendary icefield, and all the wonders beneath the snow-capped Canadian peaks? One of the coolest vacations there is!
GLOBUS 2025: Iberian Discovery & Morocco (ZW) from $3,459.00 (USD)
Variety is the spice of life-and of every great vacation. In addition to the ports, sherries, and sangrias for which Spain and Portugal are famous, this tour of the Iberian Peninsula adds the tantalizing taste of Morocco to your rich itinerary.
GLOBUS 2025: Independent Wonders of Australia (IPD1)
Walkabout?it's when Australian Aborigines go on a long journey by foot far from cities and towns.
GLOBUS 2024: Portugal in Depth with Madeira (ZPF) from $3,902.00 (USD)
What shoes should you pack for walking on sunshine? The pair best suited for 1,000 miles of shoreline and 300 days of sunlit skies per year.
GLOBUS 2025: East Africa Private Safari (IQH1) from $7,689.00 (USD)
Leave the rat race and monkey business of everyday life at home and revel in your independent spirit with the I-time you deserve on this Independence by Globus Africa tour.
GLOBUS 2025: Independent Bali Explorer (IAB1) from $1,619.00 (USD)
Adventure awaits on this Globus Independent vacation to Bali, a magical blend of culture, nature, cuisine, and sun. Visit fascinating villages in the hillside town of Ubud. Take in beautiful views of Mount Batur, Bali's second highest volcano.
GLOBUS 2025: Gems of Indonesia: From Bali to Java (OB) from $4,399.00 (USD)
When you think of Bali, do visions of white sands, blue seas, and balmy breezes come to mind?
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Buenos Aires City Stay with Iguassu Falls & Rio de Janeiro (ILB2) from $2,059.00 (USD)
Buenos Aires is bursting at the seams with bold buildings, European energy, and bustling boulevards on this Independence by Globus South American tour.
GLOBUS 2025: Independent Southern African Sojourn with Victoria Falls & Botswana (IQS4) from $7,249.00 (USD)
Explore South Africa from A to Zebra on this incredible Independence by Globus Africa adventure.
GLOBUS 2025: Enchanted New Mexico with the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta & Santa Fe (AFE) from $4,049.00 (USD)
Whoever said 'Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows' never visited the enchanting state of New Mexico or attended the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
GLOBUS 2024: Sicilian Escape (KIJX) from $1,499.00 (USD)
Escape to Sicily for seven days of beauty, cuisine, and history-without the crowds you'd find in the high season. Begin in Palermo and meet your Tour Director and traveling companions for a welcome dinner at your hotel.
GLOBUS 2024: Visions of Japan with Hiroshima (OPE) from $6,799.00 (USD)
Forget everything your mother taught you about table manners. In Japan, it's perfectly acceptable to slurp!
GLOBUS 2025: Classic Fall Foliage (AB) from $4,409.00 (USD)
Mother Nature meets our Founding Fathers on this electrifying fall foliage tour through historic and bucolic New England.
GLOBUS 2025: Bonnie Scotland with London (GGE) from $3,399.00 (USD)
Rolling hills and rugged coastlines, mythical creatures, and elusive monsters, quiet fairways, and boisterous bagpipes, this tour of Scotland is a study in stark contrasts among the most beautiful of classrooms.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Galapagos at the Finch Bay Resort with Ecuador's Amazon (ISQ2) from $8,029.00 (USD)
How deep is your love of adventure? Is it deep enough to follow the course of Charles Darwin to discover your own love affair with the wildlife paradise of the Galapagos Islands?
GLOBUS 2025: America's Musical Heritage (AS) from $4,029.00 (USD)
Are you a little bit country? A little bit rock 'n' roll? Then you'll love this musical heritage vacation that follows the influential sounds of chart-topping history from Nashville to Memphis with a crescendo in New Orleans for all that jazz.
GLOBUS 2024: Eastern US & Canada Discovery with New York City (CUE) from $5,507.00 (USD)
Like your coffee with two creams and two sugars? That's a 'double-double' in neighboring Canada and don't you forget it! Doubling the fun from Washington D.C. to Quebec City, this unforgettable panorama tour of the Eastern U.S.
GLOBUS 2025: Passage through New England & Eastern Canada (CA) from $3,519.00 (USD)
If you didn't cruise through North American history as a student, now's the perfect chance. This enlightening tour through the great cities of New England and Eastern Canada - including a 7-night cruise - is the ultimate hands-on field trip.
GLOBUS 2025: Costa Rica: Coast to Coast (SC) from $3,229.00 (USD)
From tropical rainforest canopies to captivating city sights, your Central American tour of Costa Rica is rich in countless ways.
GLOBUS 2025: Spanish Escape (KSAX) from $1,799.00 (USD)
Say, 'Hola,' to Spain on this escape to the land of Flamenco music and dance, inviting beaches, and enticing cuisine. Life is a fiesta here, and you can experience it without the crowds-and even better-without the high-season prices.
GLOBUS 2025: Great Canadian Rail Journey (CZ) from $6,469.00 (USD)
Redirect your train of thought on this epic rail journey across captivating Canada.

GLOBUS 2025: Tournament of Roses (AX)
From $2,749.00 (USD)

You can leave your rose-colored glasses at home when you pack your bags for America's favorite New Year's celebration.

GLOBUS 2024: Pacific Coast Adventure (AQ)
From $3,419.00 (USD)

Set your sights higher than the Museum of Flight or the redwoods for lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, and ice-smothered volcanoes - just the opening scenes of this west side story.

GLOBUS 2025: Independent Costa Rica Wonders with Tortuguero & Guanacaste (ILA4)
From $2,489.00 (USD)

Livin' la Pura Vida! This philosophy of the pure life in Costa Rica is also a common greeting you'll hear on your Independence by Globus tour.

GLOBUS 2025: Peru Splendors with Peru's Amazon (SOQ)
From $3,819.00 (USD)

Love a good mystery? This 12-day vacation to Peru is the perfect escape to delve into the world's most intriguing lost and found story.

GLOBUS 2025: Kenya & Tanzania: The Safari Experience with Nairobi (QBQ)
From $9,369.00 (USD)

Africa conjures up dreamy images of mystical mountains, savanna grasslands, and endless plains, but for the adventure seeker, it's where the wild things are.
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